"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

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A Time Together – Father Jordan Youth


After a long and quite stressful semester the two Father Jordan Youth groups from Talon and Maymangga had a chance to spend some tranquil and peaceful moments in a recollection together. Unlike other times, this recollection was held at a beautiful parish in Silang, Cavite – San Antonio de Padua Parish – instead of Father Jordan Formation House.
Early in the morning of October 26 the youths were driven to the church. It was raining lightly. As soon as the groups arrived the recollection started. The speaker of that day was a friendly and humorous brother from the Clerics Regular of Somasca – Brother Lubert Mananzala. The theme of the recollection was about "Family: Source of Love, Faith and Service. We Care and We Love". His talk was very interesting and the youths seemed so fascinated. Anyone who was there could easily tell how passionate and wholehearted he was when he shared with the youths his experiences about his own family and his love for others. After the talk, they had lunch together at Ate Elvie Maranan's daughter's house. This respected lady is a mother of a youth and she is especially very kind-hearted and supportive.
Right after the meal they returned to the church and had the Sacrament of Confession with Reverent Father Wilson Q. Catabay, SDS. The recollection then continued with some games and workshops given still by Brother Lubert. The occasion was finally over at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
After that day we the facilitators do believe that the youth will treasure their families more than before. People always say that, there is time for everything. Indeed, there is time for study, for playing, for sleeping. And there is also time for sharing and loving. We hope that the time that the young boys and girls of Father Jordan Youth had gone through together during the recollection was a time of sharing and loving. We wish that there'll be still many more other opportunities that the two groups can be together to build up their friendships and furthermore to construct a united, strong, and effective FJY.