"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

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VocFest 2012 at Rogationist College

Last November 17 and 18, some brothers and Father Jordan Youth Talon members were invited to the Seventh Vocation Festival organized by the Rogationist College, Silang, Cavite with the theme Bokasyon: Bungan ng Nag-aalab na Pananampalataya (means Fruit of the Blazing Faith in English).
At about 1:30pm of November 17, the registration started.
Amazingly, there were around 1800 participants, according to the organizers. They were mostly young students and many were from the College itself. There were also about 15 different religious congregations took part in this event including of course the Salvatorians.
At around 3:00pm the program began. First of all, there was a really impressive welcome ceremony in the form of a series of cultural dances. Next, the participants were asked to group themselves and they then got to know one another. And the prayer followed afterwards. The afternoon activities ended with dinner. In the evening, the program seemed even more spiritual and interesting and yet pretty tiring. There were Taize prayer, inspirational talk, film showing, confession, counseling, Eucharistic Adoration, group sharing, and of course, visitation to various booths of religious congregations where they could get some information like their charisms and missions. The event ended at about 6:30am November 18 with the Holy Mass.
Vocation Festival was indeed a place where young people could get together to share their lives and experiences; and more importantly to learn more about the Catholic faith. Aside from that, some youths could be inspired to transform their lives to be better children, students, and citizens. And hopefully some might be able to recognize their own vocation to be religious and perhaps to be Salvatorians in the future.