"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

New Manila-July to December 2012


Make an end is to make a beginning. The calendar year 2012 is coming to an end and 2013 will give us familiar situations and perhaps unexpected twists. Mother of the Saviour community in New Manila is also thankful to the Divine Saviour and His Mother for their accompaniment and providential care. Since the last publication of the news letter, this community have witnessed two remarkable events namely feast day celebration of Mater Salvatoris and 2nd EAMV Chapter from November 15 to 17. One of the very striking changes came to this community by the beginning of the second semester is that it became an exclusive professed member’s house as the language students moved to other formation houses. The feast day celebration on October 11th was again a time for Salvatorian family gathering. The Holy Eucharistic celebration began at 6 PM. Fr. Vinoy, the main celebrant shared during the homily about the caring and nurturing virtues of a Mother and insisted to imbibe those virtues of the mother in our daily lives. The dining hall after the spiritual nourishment witnessed very sumptuous variety prepared with love by our dear scholastics.

The community also had a roof top gathering on October 1st evening under the moon light for the Mid- Autumn celebration. We had a cultural variety of food, music, dance etc prepared by the Chinese and Vietnamese scholastics. The attraction was of course the moon cake. (The Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated Chinese and Viatnamese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calandar, during a full moon, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calandar. Among the Vietnamese, it is considered the second most important holiday tradition)

This semester break and vacation for theologians was a time to revitalize the Salvatorian spirituality as we had the presentation of 10 different themes during evenings.

  1. To Know the Savior.
  2. To Love the Savior.
  3. To proclaim the Savior.
  4. Universality.
  5. Father Jordan’s Spirituality.
  6. Foundational Scripture Passages of Jordan.
  7. Father Jordan and Mother Mary.
  8. Blessed Mary of the Apostles.
  9. Father Otto.
  10. Spiritual Diary of Jordan.

All would agree that it has been a pleasure to witness the time and effort which all of us have devoted to the last year. At the same time to have a quality time of looking the substantial opportunities we made and perhaps lost for honouring God. But the end result of 2012 is exceptionally good. As i am writing this in the other part of this country thousands of brethren are affected by Thyphoon Pablo, leaving their lives shattered. We are reminded about the transitory aspect of our lives and with gratitude we remember the security we enjoy. Quite often most of us are having an attitude that life simply seems to be passing us by through a routine of mundane affairs. There always seems to be enough time to make substantial changes, mend a broken relationship, to show people you care, to make friendships count, to overcome grief, to forgive, to let go…till you realize there is not. That is the reason Buddha had said, "The trouble is, you think you have time." Life is too short, even if the world doesn't end as the Mayans predictions, this is another year gone by. It's your life, make it count!

The community is also prepared to say farewell to Fr. Christopher Kowalczyk, the vicariate superior, as he is elected for higher ministry in administration in generalate in Rome. Our hats off to you dear father for your great ministry of service and our prayerful wishes.