A Memorable Saturday

FJY-2012-birthday celebration-00FJY-2012-birthday celebration-13On Saturday, June 16, 2012, the Father Jordan Youth (FJY) in Talon, Amadeo joyfully commemorated the 164th Birthday of our Venerable Founder Father Francis Jordan in a very simple and yet so meaningful way. At 5 pm, they gathered together in the Chapel with the presence of Fr. Adam Janus. He gave a short prayer and they then all processed to the statue of Fr. Jordan in the front part of the house. There the main ceremonies took place. Andy, one of the youth members, read formally the early life of Fr. Jordan. Everyone was once again reminded of how a great man had grown up and the mystical incident that had happened during his first Holy Communion as well. Afterwards, some representatives of the group prayed for the Salvatorian community, especially for the priests and brothers; FJY members and their families; benefactors; and so on. Then, beautiful roses were offered to the Venerable Father Jordan. Lastly, they blissfully sang a birthday song to him. With these lovely things Father Jordan in heaven must be very happy and proud of them – the little sons and daughters of his. In that event, not only the FJY members were participating but there was also the presence of Father Gunther, Ate Lerma, and some brothers who had contributed a good part in the success of the celebration. Next month on the 21st of July, the FJY will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary, so let's us all pray for them and of course wish them another successful year to come.{imageshow sl=21 sc=2 /}