"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

Talon Summer Class 2012

Talon-SummerClass1Talon-SummerClass2This year we started our Summer Class in May 2, 2012 and ended in May 17, 2012. Wednesday was the beginning of the summer class 2012. First of all, the students had their enrollment ahead of the day before the summer class started, and then we had our opening ceremony together with a liturgy which was celebrated by Fr. Wilson in our house chapel. Then the children had basic orientation for their first class before they were dismissed around 11 am. Like in previous years we had great support by Ate Lerma and volunteer teachers from our Fr. Jordan Youth. Through their help it was possible to perform again the summer class. From the side of our community some Filipino brothers and a few foreign confreres were left who did a great job, but could not handle this great undertaking alone. As of this year 100 children enrolled. This is the third year that we did not accept any more Kinder and Preschool, yet the number of enrollees is still high. The reason that we had to limit ourselves was a lack of rooms. As a consequence we had to limit the number of summer class students.
This year Fr. Adam Janus took responsibility for the organization of the summer class until the end. Then Ate Lerma was assigned to be the summer class facilitator.Talon-SummerClass3