"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

June 16, 2012 Mother of the Savior Formation House - New Manila.

Gathering together for a family celebration is an occasion to experience and manifest how we grow together with a sense of belongingness. The August gathering on the June 16, 2012 at the Mother of the Savior Community in New Manila was no exception this feeling for the Salvatorian family. The day was marked with many occasions to celebrate:

  • 164th birth anniversary of our venerable founder
  • The feast of the Immaculate heart of Mary
  • Official inauguration of the academic year of the scholastic students of the community
  • Installation of the newly appointed rector

The gorgeous presence of the fathers and newly arrived candidates from Loyola Heights, the contemplative yet smiling members of the novitiate community from Marikina, with overflowing of TLC from our Salvatorian sisters community, with the cooperative spirit of a few Lay Salvatorians, the wise and beautiful looking teaching staff of the language school of SDS and few visitors and friends-- all were decorating by their presence this August gathering.
The solemn Eucharistic celebration commenced at 11 am. The main celebrant Rev. Fr. Christopher Kowalczyk, the Superior of the East Asian Mission Vicariate officially welcomed every one, introduced the importance of the day's celebration and prepared meaningfully for the solemn concelebrated Eucharist. Fr. Hubert Kranz, the Novice Master, shared the word of God and in his homily he recalled abundant God's blessings for the vicariate. As he narrated the struggle and growth of the foundation, highlighted a notable importance as well that, an Asian member is into the leadership ministry in the office of the Rector for the scholastics.

Right after the Eucharistic celebration Fr. Vinoy Joseph, the newly appointed rector made the profession of faith in public and delivered the keynote address inaugurating the new academic year. The theme was 'knowledge is that which liberates'; thus he shared the purpose of studies particularly the reading in the discipline of the sacred theology is to know God well and to cooperate well with the mission of the Church and Founder in the liberating mission.
Knowledge without purpose is a destructive tool. The Salvatorian students of theology as well declared in public in the following words the purpose of studies;
I believe in God the Father Almighty creator of heaven and earth. I love and respect the holy Catholic Church and my Congregation. As a student of theology I commit my life in prayer and in studies the sacred scripture and theology that I can preach with courage, teach with clarity and serve with charity. I focus on the restoration of all things in Christ through prayer, hard work, generosity and sacrifice. I strive to form myself deeply rooted in an abiding love for Jesus Christ especially in His Eucharistic Presence and for our Blessed Mother, so I may become a holy priest working for the salvation of souls and glorification of God by all ways and means the love of Christ inspires.
The celebration was not complete without the yummy experience at the dining table. The sumptuous food prepared by the brothers and the dessert shared by the sisters, teaching staff and Lay Salvadorians all were not a desert experience rather a refreshing oasis encounter.
Let us continue the celebration with synergy, commemorating the heritage, family bond, sharing the story and vision to live by....