"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

"He will touch you in the most unexpected way"

Parola summer class is one of our awaited activities during summer simply because of its immense inspiration it always brings to our life.
This year we started in May 2, 2012 and ended in May 11, 2012. Every day we traveled from Loyola Heights to Parola. And the children and youth awaited us there. Every day we were teaching in the small place where all of them were gathered together. However some of the brothers needed to move from house to house to teach the children who are not capable of coming to the multi-purpose building where we were teaching.

Our moments there were so special maybe because we came there not only to teach but to create joy, hope and happiness for them. Although it's not easy to open wide the horizon in their mind because it is being always affected and conditioned by the environment where they are in. But we tried our best to motivate them to think beyond and have a bigger hope for a better life.
And for sure on our part we are also being taught by them in simple ways yet profound. For instance the place where we were teaching is crowded by people and the noise is so distracting we can't use our voice even to the maximum volume sometimes. So we find other ways of teaching, using more visual activity and hands-on activity. And our experience helped us to be more open minded, adjusting and adaptable in any situation. One brother recalls: "And the last but not the least is that we realized that 'We can't do great things; we can only do things with great love.'
Within those days was a huge challenge and joy for us, but I think this quote is just right in saying that 'THE GREATER THE SUFFERING THE GREATER THE SUCEESS.' And because of the admonition of Father Francis Jordan that always reminds us to "PRAY...PRAY...PRAY' '...FOR WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING' –Jn 15:5 Besides, people don't need you, but God in you.
At the end of our activity the thing that I can't forget the most is when a child approached me with a loving heart hugged me tightly and kissed me tenderly in the face while saying 'Salamat Kuya'
I realized children may forget what you said, but they will not forget what you did for them.?"