"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

Marathon racing

Marathon racing Dec, 22, 2010

marathon1It was exciting for all of us Salvatorians fathers and brothers to participate in our first marathon at Tagatay formation house. Deacon Theeban announced all rules of this activity including our green Puso sa Puso T-shirt as the uniform for this racing. Besides the runners there volunteers who helped with water and other needs of the runners. Fr. Chris drove the lead car to clear the way, while Frs. Benny and Wilson were in the follow-up car. Deacon Damian and guard Marbil rode a motorbike back and forth on the 6 km route. After Fr. Gunther's blessing and the bang of a firecracker, the runners were off. The turning point was Sumascan's Gate with the second leg leading back to the starting point. The writer was 21 out of 31, his competitors preventing his from improving his position. marathon2The best runner was Brother Paul Vinh, second was Brother Christopher Bonares and the third was Brother Peter Hoang. Joseph was very enthusiastic to join this event for the good, healthy competition, with no one injured. It seemed that the Spirit of Father Francis Jordan accompanied us here during the race. Thank you father Jordan for companying with us in every moment of beginning till the end of the program. O Lord, thank you for your love and concern, strengthening us at any moment of life, especially the life of our vocation. It would be not completely done like this marathon unless you care for us, keep an eye on us and raise us up when we fall in discouragement.

Thank you Lord.