“Puso sa Puso” Christmas Party


Last December, 4, 2010, the puso sa puso Christmas Party took place in the Del Pan Sports complex in Parola, Manila. We could almost say: “the traditional“ puso sa puso Party, because it is already the 3rd time that this event was organized under the leadership of Fr. Artur Chrzanowski. One could feel the growing experience of the last three years, because things worked out very well. It seemed, the organizers were more relaxed compared to previous parties and could also enjoy the event. The event hosted 1000 kids from destitute families in Parola, one of the poor areas in Metro Manila. The program was a good mixture between professional presentations and contributions from our own respective groups, especially the students from ALSA Buhay program and the Father Jordan Youth from Talon, Amadeo. Of course, food and some useful Christmas gifts were also a part of this charity activity. The high spirit and motivation of the volunteers were just amazing. Even foreign volunteers from Austria and Germany contributed to the success of this event. More than 100 Salvatorians participated, which includes Sisters, Lay, Fathers, Brothers and Father Jordan Youth. It was a rare moment to see so many Salvatorians at one place and working together. Even more amazing is the age average. The vast majority was below 30. Indeed, Salvatorians are young, and they are on a good way towards doing Salvatorian ministry. “Puso sa puso” is just one beautiful example for that. Congratulation to everybody who was and is a part of that!

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