"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

Wearing The Green Puso Sa Puso 2010 T-shirt


Puso sa puso Dec, 4, 2010 (Heart to heart Dec, 4, 2010)


Puso Sa Puso 2010It is the third time since the year 2008 we Salvatorians have contributed Christmas gifts to children in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. We share our concerns with the poor brothers and sisters who surround us. We want to be harmony with them and enjoy participating with them. In 2008 was the first time our congregation opened this “puso sa puso” (heart to heart). Father Artur managed the event with many cooperators, benefactors and volunteers. On that day Bro. James (American) who had just learned a little Tagalog and gave the opening prayer. And this year 2010, a young man, Mr. Michael (German) who has just come to the Philippines, having been taught by the children with whom he works, also gave the opening Tagalog prayer.


Puso Sa Puso 2010Puso Sa Puso 2010Like all the volunteers, Joseph Chinh, wearing his green Puso sa Puso 2010 T-shirt, given his share of the food and treats, met his five kids who would be his responsibility for the whole program. Since he did this last year, it was no problem for him. With so many kids shouting, and the heat from the metal roof overhead, tempers might have flared. But all this was ignored as the kids tried to guess if he were Filipino. After a few words, they decided that Joseph was Korean. But once the kids started eating and began to relax, he felt the trust of the parents watching from outside, and he eventually told them he was from Vietnam. They were satisfied and happy and came closer to him like a brother. Along with the food he gave them some toys. Some of them ate just a little and the rest they took home. At the end of the program around 6:00 pm the staff of Puso sa puso gave the prepared Christmas bundles to all of these children who appeared in this large house, 1000 children.


Puso Sa Puso 2010This activity is really helpful for those children themselves and for our congregation as well. Through this program, we Salvatorians brothers and sisters continue to promote our founder Father Francis Jordan’s aspirations “that all may know the Savior.”.


At t he end of the day, the Salvatorians went home. And on this night at 11:00 pm Joseph decided to cut his hair, because his hair was very long. This never happened before in his 26 years of age, that he shaved his hair, becoming bald on this night. He used to hide his lacking ear; he used to place his hair style long in order to cover this problem ear. On this night he won himself, his personality. He ignored the shamefulness and shyness from the looking of others on his problem ear, and enjoyed the so many positive things around. No, he feels normal, just like any other people around. Why should he be afraid of this event? If he is afraid of this problem it means that he is afraid of himself. His parents will never believe that their son now has changed his own lifestyle. They will be happy for their son.


Thanks to some people behind him, who have given him some advice and encouragement. O Lord, thank you for your greatest love, care and directions. Puso Sa Puso 2010Amen.