"Robin Hood" in Talon

March 23rd 2013 saw the mirthful, fun packed stage adaptation of Mel Brook’s movie ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ presented by the Divine Savior- English Language Development Program. The play went on for two hours gaining applause and belly-aching laughter throughout the program. The house was filled to overflowing on the ground floor and the second floor had to be turned into a gallery to accommodate the people. With the Production Manager being Fr. Artur Chrzanowski SDS the actors had to not only memorize their lines but also perfect their pronunciation so as to enchant the audience.

{imageshow sl=41 sc=11 /} Fr. Artur did not only have the play in mind, but he was also looking long term when our brothers in the English Language Development Program would become preachers and ministers of God’s Word. Bringing the Good News to every creature requires one to have a good command of English for our future public speakers and motivators through vocal persuasiveness and appropriate body language, so the play was a perfect way to train them in speaking before a crowd. To train them in the art of acting, Fr. Artur invited an acting teacher who also took the role of the artistic director: Byron Joseph Barinuevo. Byron gave the brothers a series of workshops to prepare them for their roles and they had an audition and deliberation of roles before the Christmas break. Students practiced twice a week with the English Language teachers in Loyola Heights after their Christmas Break.

Their practice paid off on opening night when they stunned the crowd with their acting skills. All brothers from the English Language Development Program participated, some with major roles and others playing a multiple of roles for different scenes. The main actor of play who won the crowd with his wit and charm was Michael Angelo Calucin who played the role of Robin of Loxley. Jade Castro who played as a loyal and trustworthy servant of Robin also made the audiences rib tickle as he pulled his antics in assuming a character that was blind. Together with John Leo Vergara, Yohanes Don Bosco Kollo the men in tights were complete to fight for their rights.

Nguyen Phan Van Lam produced a feminine version of Prince John and Richard Lania played the role of John’s faithful Sherrif Mervyn of Rottingham. The compliances of the villains were assumed by Jeremias Aparicio, Dionicious Fallo, Tran Con Chinh and Pedro Inocencion Das Neves. These latter brothers also took on other characters, changing costumes from one scene to another and memorizing the lines of different characters at the same time.

The show ended at approximately 10:30pm with a resounding applause and closing remarks by Fr. Adam Janus, SDS.