"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

About Us


(from the early documents)

"The purpose of the Society of the Divine Savior is the fostering of the honor of God in all fields of human existence. For this reason the Society labors with all power to the end that as many people as possible may know God, love him, serve him and thereby become happy for time and eternity. This knowledge and the fulfillment of the God-appointed one and only necessary obligation of the individual human being and of all human society is and remains the main purpose of the Society of the Divine Savior and all its units. 'To know God, to love him, to serve him', must always and unchangeably be the aim of the Society, no matter in what field of science, art, or of everyday life it will be working. Never is it permitted to set a different purpose for the Society."