"Do not rest until all know Jesus the Savior, love Him and serve Him."

Fr Francis Jordan

Important Salvatorians

Father Otto Hopfenmüller - A Salvatorian Pioneer

Fr. Otto HopfenmüllerLorenz Hopfenmüller was born on 29th May 1844 in Weismain, Germany. He became a priest of the Diocese of Bamberg and was ordained on 6th October 1866 at the age of twenty-two. After completing doctoral studies at the University of Würzburg he was appointed to St Martin’s Parish in Bamberg. In 1872 he became editor of the Bamberger Volksblatt, a Catholic newspaper. As a direct result of his involvement in the apostolate of the press he came into conflict with the anti-Catholic authorities and was imprisoned several times. In 1878 he was transferred to Reichmannsdorf and then in 1882 to Seussling. He did much to combat the extreme poverty he encountered in both these towns. He came into contact with Father Bonaventura Lüthen of the Catholic Teaching Society who placed advertisements for Der Missionär in his newspaper.

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Blessed Mary of the Apostles

Blessed Mary of the ApostlesBlessed Mary of the Apostles - co-foundress of the Congregation of Sisters of the Divine Saviour.

Therese von Wüllenweber was born in Castle Myllendonk, Mönchengladbach, Germany on 19th February 1833. She went to the boarding school of the Benedic-tine Sisters in Liège, Belgium from 1848-1850. She attended Jesuit inspired parish missions in 1853 and 1857 and took part in a retreat in 1856; these made a great impression on her and fired her with a missionary vocation.

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Fr Francis Jordan SDS

Fr Francis Jordan SDSFr Francis Jordan - founder of the Society of the Divine Saviour and Sisters of the Divine Saviour.

John Baptist Jordan was born on 16th June 1848 into a poor family in the village of Gurtweil, in the southwest of Germany. He was the second child of Lawrence and Notburga Jordan, who took him to be baptised the day after his birth with the name of John Baptist. His early life was uneventful, but even as a child he had to work hard and do his share to support the family, because his father had been invalided due to an accident.

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